Journeys Guides

Our Guides Promise Their Best and Deliver More

On a Journeys trip you will travel with a very knowledgeable person for whom the terrain you cross and the inhabitants you meet are familiar from long and intimate experience.  He or she guides for love of the challenge, the friendship with our travelers, and the opportunity to continue learning.

Your guide may be a highly educated professional who could have chosen an academic or diplomatic career but, out of passion, chose guiding instead. Or, they may be a uniquely gifted, ambitious, self taught individual in a society where there are no available paths to prestigious degrees and credentials. Either way, we guarantee you will be impressed. We will be surprised if your trip evaluation does not single out your guide for unceasing effort, determination, skill and compassion and for complete command of details and contingencies.

Just as Journeys is a family run business in the U.S., we try to involve leaders who are local family people in the places we help you visit.  If you happen to have a problem, your guide or our local director will have the contacts and means to solve it. They are not just passing through, and they are never a barrier between you and the authentic encounters you seek. They are rooted in their communities and their roots nourish the success of your experience.