Journeys Signature Trips
Ultimate Mongolia with Naadam Festival
The amazing Naadam Festival plus the Gobi Desert, Lake Hovsgol, Yol Valley and more
Land Cost: $4,250 - $4,850
Activity Level: 2
Dates: 2 upcoming departures
Duration: 16 days
Outstanding leadership, scenery, accommodations and celebration of Mongolian culture and rituals. Join destination specialist Kerina Rowley on the 2014 departure. The Naadam Festival will be a...
Cultural Adventures
Mongolia Lakes and Legends
Gobi Desert, Karakorum, Lake Hovsgol, Yol Valley, Ugii Lake and more
Land Cost: $3,950 - $4,450
Activity Level: 2
Dates: Privately on Request
Duration: 13 days
A fantastic overview of scenic and historic sites, and Mongolia's best national parks. Customize just for your party, anytime from June to September.


Mongolia seems like the end of the earth. Outside the few major cities, you begin to wonder if you haven’t stepped into another century, rather than another country. It is one of the last unspoiled travel destinations in Asia, as well as the oldest. Although travel in this ancient countryside can be difficult and the facilities poor, a warm welcome by JOURNEYS' local staff always awaits you in this wide country of mountains, beautiful lakes, vast deserts, rolling grasslands, dense forests and unique wildlife.