Travel to Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea on group departures or private trips with JOURNEYS. Our explorations feature active travel to natural areas, villages, and scenic sites beyond the reach of most group tours. Our style of eco-travel enables individuals or small groups of travelers to enjoy authentic encounters not found on most tours.

There is no limit to the number of ways you can link these destinations.  Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a destination in itself, but combines well with Australia. Bali is a transportation center of the tropical Pacific for connections to southeast Asia, Australia, or the rest of Indonesia. Wildlife enthusiasts seeking Orangutans can choose to visit Sumatra, Malaysian Borneo, or Kalimantan for dependable sightings. The tropical Pacific is warm and humid year round, but the months of June-September are less rainy in many areas. Plan your travel with enough time to to see more than just the famous sites. Ask a JOURNEYS travel expert for tips on special departures focused on your unique interests.

Tours to Pacific

Indonesia: Apes, Arts, and Dragons
Cost: $4,250-$4,475  •  Duration: 15 days  •   2 upcoming departures or Privately on Request

The best expedition to see natural and cultural sites in Indonesia. See Komodo dragons, orangutans, and the great sights of Java. Add Bali before or after.

Australia's Rugged Kimberley Coast
Cost: $7,200-$8,840  •  Duration: 12 days  •   22 upcoming departures

The best way to explore the Kimberley, the spectacular rugged outback of Australia's northwest, is by small ship. Here find the phenomenal horizontal waterfalls, dramatic coastal landscapes, a rich bounty of wildlife and the world’s oldest indigenous rock art.

Bali Isle of Wonders
Cost: $2,430  •  Duration: 9 days  •   Privately on Request

Bali remains an unspoiled paradise, and stands as a model of ecotourism. Tourist income is reinvested in ritual ceremonies, architecture, traditional arts training, and cultural preservation. Enjoy a simple but refined experience of wonder and beauty.

Classic and Festive Japan
Cost: $4,350-$6,395  •  Duration: 12 days  •   5 upcoming departures or Privately on Request

This trip accomplishes something rare -- personalized, small-group engagement with Japan. Include must-see sites and adventures off the tourist path. Enjoy Oeshiki Festival in October, Shichi-go-san and Fall Foliage in November, or Cherry Blossom Festival in April.

Papua New Guinea: Classic Goroka Show Tour
Cost: $7,560  •  Duration: 13 days  •   2 upcoming departures

Combine a classic sing-sing show with explorations of the fabled Sepik River, Tari Highlands, and Waghi Valley, all with top-level accommodations.

New Zealand: Deluxe Wilderness Explorer
Cost: $9,895  •  Duration: 14 days  •   6 upcoming departures

Enjoy the best interpretation, premier sites, and most spectacular small lodges New Zealand has to offer on a small group trip that has no equal.

Discover Malaysian Borneo
Cost: $3,895  •  Duration: 14 days  •  Aug. 4-17, 2014 •  Flexible departures joining small groups

Explore the greatest nature and culture sites of Malaysian Borneo while staying in award-winning ecolodges. Enjoy great hiking and birding options.

Australia: Discovery Down Under
Cost: $4,495  •  Duration: 11 days  •  Flexible departures joining small groups

Australia is too big to see all in one trip, but this exploration hits highlights in style and ensures the best guides, fully engaging activities, and a big dose of cheerful "G'Day" hospitality.

Family-friendly Japan
Cost: $3,450-$5,590  •  Duration: 10 days  •   3 upcoming departures or Privately on Request

Japan is a spectacular dynamic destination for the entire family. Experience the profound traditions and the 21st century energy. Join a group in summer or visit on your dates. Early April is cherry blossom time!

G'Day Australia for Families!
Cost: $2,975-$4,950  •  Duration: 11 days  •  Flexible departures joining small groups

Immerse your family in the living wonders and legends of Australia. Enjoy close-up encounters with wildlife, foods, rain forests, reefs, and great, kid-friendly, 'strine-speaking Aussie guides.

Grand Indonesia
Cost: $3,575  •  Duration: 17 days  •  Sep. 9-25, 2014 or Privately on Request

This flexible Indonesia exploration is an inspirational template that invites your own ideas, interests, and preferences to shape a unique and personalized adventure.

Islands of Australia & The Great Ocean Road
Cost: $4,350  •  Duration: 12 days  •   Privately on Request

Wild scenery, Australian animals, and wonderful weather rule southern Australia from October to April. This trip is great for birders and wildlife photographers and anyone seeking authentic nature encounters on some of the most beautiful islands in Australia.

Papua New Guinea: Mt. Hagen Show Tour Panorama
Cost: $7,255  •  Duration: 11 days  •   2 upcoming departures

Witness the famous Hagen sing-sing show, then visit the fabled Sepik River, Tari Highlands, and Waghi Valley accompanied by great local guides.

Papua New Guinea: Mt. Hagen Show Tour Vista
Cost: $8,725  •  Duration: 13 days  •   2 upcoming departures

See the spectacular Hagen sing-sing and the fabled Sepik River, Tari Highlands, and Waghi Valley, all with top-level accommodations and an expert escort.

Indonesia: Savoring Sumatra
Cost: $3,295  •  Duration: 12 days

Join this exploratory departure accompanied by JOURNEYS founder and director Will Weber. Explore wildlife-rich rainforests, volcanic mountainscapes, and distinctive cuisine, cultures, and architecture.

Papua New Guinea: Sepik Highlands Odyssey
Cost: $7,060  •  Duration: 12 days  •  Privately, May - July

This relaxed nature and culture expedition takes you to the Sepik River, Tari Highlands, and Waghi Valley to meet local people and observe colorful traditions.

New Zealand: South Island Explorer
Cost: $6,995  •  Duration: 9 days  •   6 upcoming departures

Join an extraordinary guide exploring the natural wonders, flora, and fauna of the South Island and spending your nights in the finest lodges.

Australia: The Great Wild South
Cost: $5,250  •  Duration: 9 days  •  Flexible departures joining small groups

Wild scenery, Australian animals, and wonderful weather rule southern Australia from October to April. This trip is great for birders and wildlife photographers seeking authentic nature encounters.

Papua New Guinea: Tumbuna Festival
Cost: $7,250  •  Duration: 12 days  •  May. 20-31, 2015

The Tumbuna Sing Sing is a spectacular celebration of the local traditions, dress and dance but smaller than the other more famous festivals. Choosing Tumbuna, allows for touring at a time that differs from most other PNG visitors.

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