Arctic Cruises FAQ

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JOURNEYS Arctic Cruises FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Arctic Cruises

What kind of weather can I expect in the Arctic?

Summer in most of the Arctic is mild. Warm, clear days with a temperature of 45 F (7 C) and up are common. However, Arctic weather can be unpredictable and can change quickly. When going ashore, even during a warm, clear day don't forget your warm clothes.

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Do I need special clothes for my trip to the Arctic?

We suggest that you wear several layers of clothes. Warm underwear, a turtleneck, a sweater and a waterproof jacket will keep you warm. You also need a pair of waterproof pants to be worn on top of your regular pants and a pair of knee-high rubber boots because for most landings you will need to step in the water briefly to reach the shores. Don't worry, plenty of help is available for those who need it. While good quality clothing will ensure that you are comfortable, you don't need to purchase expensive, hi-tech gear. Complete clothing guidelines will be sent with your pre-departure material. Dress clothes are not needed.

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Most Northern trips leave from Ottawa. What's there to see?

Ottawa is Canada's national capital. During the summer it is a vibrant city with many restaurants and cafes. We encourage you to spend some time in Ottawa either before or after your expedition to the north. You can visit the National Art Gallery or the Museum of Civilization, both of which are worth a trip to Ottawa by themselves. Also, take a tour of the splendid parliament buildings on Parliament Hill, or a boat tour on the Ottawa River. Adventurous travelers will find world-class whitewater rafting opportunities about one hour outside the city.

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Can I upgrade my flights to First or Business Class?

Flights to the Arctic are on board chartered aircraft used exclusively for our group. In order to accommodate all passengers on one flight and to maintain cruise rates as low as possible, we are unable to offer First and Business Class service on those flights.

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How many hours of daylight will we experience in the North?

The exact amount of daylight depends on the dates of your expeditions and on the latitude of the region being visited. On our expeditions, based on our travel dates, we experience more hours of daylight in northern Baffin Island and Greenland than we do in Hudson Bay, Labrador and Newfoundland.

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What kind of luggage do you recommend for an Arctic cruise?

For your convenience, wheeled suitcases are fine. Due to cabin size, large suitcases are not recommended.

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What wildlife will I see?

Naturally, it is impossible to guarantee what will be seen, but travelers on past trips have seen humpback and minke whales, musk ox, walrus, ring and harp seals, caribou, moose, and, of course, POLAR BEARS. Birders will be thrilled each day by the variety of sightings including peregrine falcons, king eider ducks, ptarmigan, and thick billed mures.

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