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We are delighted to announce the continuing special partnership between JOURNEYS and professional photographer and teacher Wayde Carroll.

Wayde is based in Anchorage, Alaska, where he lives with his wife of twelve years and their two children, Jack and Clare. His family moved to Alaska in 2006 after Wayde realized that his favorite place to visit – in his words, “the landscape that stirred my soul and caused my breath to quicken” – could very well be his home. His enthusiasm for the state, and his energy to seek out the infinite photographic possibilities contained within its borders, are boundless.


Wayde is a superb photographer and teacher, and he loves what he does. Sharing photographic knowledge with amateur photographers and professionals alike is his way of life. He maintains a public photo blog in which he discusses method and technique, and shares his own photographic experiences. On your trip with Wayde, he’ll bring you as relaxed or as rigorous an educational experience as you would like.

Wayde begins his mentorship of participants the moment of sign-up, offering consultation on camera equipment and trip preparations. Throughout the trip, Wayde works closely with each traveler individually to maximize the potential of each camera in the field. He gives presentations and slideshows, he wakes up before dawn to check for incredible sunrise photographic opportunities, and he stays up late to help you explore flash photography and nocturnal animal populations. Because Wayde enjoys collecting trip photos and continuing his mentorship, photo-sharing and critiquing can extend well beyond the trip.

Beyond learning a technically proficient working knowledge of your own camera and compositional strategies, Wayde will teach you new ways of looking. You will start to see differently, as your eyes attune to your surroundings through a lens, with a mind towards framing, composition, detail, and light. If you’ve ever returned from a trip saying, “Well, these photos don’t really convey how beautiful it was, but you get the idea,” then there’s no better travel partner and mentor than Wayde. His goal is to help you bring home a collection of images that convey the real sense of wonder you felt face-to-face with an incredible sight.

The photo memories we captured with Wayde’s help are priceless!” travelers often report.

Beyond his photographic and teaching abilities, Wayde is a fun travel companion. You’ll be in amiable, knowledgeable, and generous company.

Wayde is low-key, sensitive, fun-loving, and marvelously creative. He is a gifted photographer and teacher who is exquisitely attuned to our individual needs, over a wide range of skill levels.” (F. Berg, Ann Arbor MI)

Wayde was an incredible guide, mentor, and friend! I would definitely go on another photo adventure with him!” (Denise Sutter, Costa Rica Photo Safari May/June 2009)

JOURNEYS is delighted to team up with Wayde to bring our travelers amazing trips geared towards photography lovers of all skill levels.

My love for discovering new places and providing fresh looks for familiar ones has kept clients coming back again and again.” (Wayde)

For more information on what to expect on a JOURNEYS Photography trip click here.

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