JOURNEYS enjoys working with travel agents!

We are flexible in how we reward you for placing your trust in us. Most of our trips are commissionable at 10% or we can provide travel agents with a net cost, custom itinerary that you can use to determine your own price for your client.

The trips below are a few of our suggestions which have been favorites with clients of travel agents in the past.  These are tested and proven itineraries.

As you listen to your client's preferences, certain interests should lead you to consider JOURNEYS. These include  use of words like exotic, personalized, cross-cultural, nature-oriented, green, quality, small scale hotels, ecolodges, ecotravel, off-the-beaten-path, something different, away from mass tourism, meet local people, and "my friends think I am crazy for wanting to do this kind of trip."

Unlike most large specialized or ecotourism companies JOURNEYS offers customized  arrangements to meet your client's preferences for particular hotels, activities, sites, meals or extensions.  We try to provide these personalized itineraries at costs near or below those of quality, standardized group tour prices.

Over the course of our 31 years in the business, we’ve found that the best way to work with travel agents is for you to call us and discuss your client’s needs over the phone, then e-mail us any additional notes afterwards. We will spend a few days researching the best possible arrangements before sending you the basic itinerary and pricing details. We can then discuss the terms of payment.

We are generally familiar with the international flights to our destinations. We can offer ticketing advice or handle actual reservations if needed.

In some cases of specially discounted departures or certain exploration cruise programs, our commission may be less than 10%.

In any case, we would like to build a trusting relationship with you and your agency. JOURNEYS is the oldest family-owned ecotravel company in the United States, and we would love to be a partner in your client’s satisfaction.  --Will and Joan Weber, founders and directors.


Classic Namibia Under Canvas
Cost: $4,795  •  Duration: 12 days  •   8 upcoming departures

Savor the wonders of Nambia from luxury camps in the wild bush.

Costa Rica Natural Wonders for Families
Cost: $2,450-$3,350  •  Duration: 8 days  •   Privately on Request

Volcanoes, rain forest canopies, and tropical beaches await your expert-guided exploration. Discover why everyone loves Costa Rica.

Discover Malaysian Borneo
Cost: $3,895  •  Duration: 14 days  •  Aug. 4-17, 2014 •  Flexible departures joining small groups

Explore the greatest nature and culture sites of Malaysian Borneo while staying in award-winning ecolodges. Enjoy great hiking and birding options.

Nepal: Everest Sherpa Country Trek
Cost: $4,450  •  Duration: 19 days  •   3 upcoming departures or Privately on Request

The Everest region offers an enduring experience of geological magnificence and profound cross-cultural discovery. This trek may be the most extraordinary and enlightening experience of your lifetime. Choose your date or join a group.

Grand Indonesia
Cost: $3,575  •  Duration: 17 days  •  Sep. 9-25, 2014 or Privately on Request

This flexible Indonesia exploration is an inspirational template that invites your own ideas, interests, and preferences to shape a unique and personalized adventure.

Karibu, Tanzania! Family Safari
Cost: $2,750-$4,900  •  Duration: 11 days  •  Jul. 4-14, 2015 or Privately on Request

If you and the kids like wild animals, this family safari is the ultimate travel experience. Meet Maasai warriors. Closely approach lions, elephants, and giraffes.

Peru: Sacred Valley Week
Cost: $2,850  •  Duration: 7 days  •   Privately on Request

Focus on the heart of the ancient Inca Empire while based in comfortable ecolodges. Visit little-known sites and hike ancient off-the-beaten-path trails. An astounding week!

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